Savemoney Skips & Bins is a trading name of Savemoneyskips Limited

All prices expressed are in New Zealand Dollars.

All Prices are INCLUSIVE of GST

All Hires Include  Drop off, Pick up and Tip Fee's unless otherwise stated.

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Commercial Skips & Bins

We provide commercial skips to a number of comercial operators like Builders and Construction companies etc.

Generally these operate differently from our normal skips as there often on sites for longer periods of time than our residential skips. 

As every job is different when can provide our normal 3m,6m,7.5m,9M skips as well as Huka bins, Crane Bins, Lidded skips etc etc 

General waste , Clean fill, Green waste specialised waste such as Asbestos etc we do it all.

We can provide Commercial rates and terms for these and as every job is different please call Ollie or Shane on 0800-700-900  and we will sort this for you.

Most skips have weight limits./ allowances. Weights that exceed these are charged on to customers as an additional charge. We can discuss that whe you book. 

For jobs that have quantities of brick clay concrete or dirt plase call to discuss which type of bin will be most suitable for you.