Savemoney Skips & Bins is a trading name of Savemoneyskips Limited

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and Conditions



Our Delivery policy


Save Money Skips will do their utmost to deliver your bin on the date booked but Save Money Skips will NOT be liable for any failure or delays in delivery.
Late delivery does not automatically entitle anyone to cancel an order or to obtain a refund.



Our Refund policy

Save Money Skips will provide a full refund in respect of any bin ordered but not provided by us.
If you wish to cancel your order and obtain a refund you must notify Save Money Skips at least 2 working days before the agreed delivery date.

There will be no refunds if Save Money Skips try to deliver a bin as arranged but are told upon delivery it is no longer required.



Payment Options

Payment can be made by Visa Card or Mastercard at the time of ordering on this website. Payment on delivery or by Direct Credit is also possible when booking online or by prior arrangement with the driver or office.



Extra Charges and Penalties

The hirer is liable to reimburse Save Money Skips for any fees or costs incurred for prohibited waste, excessive weights, blocked access and ANY damage to our bin.



Use of our Bins

The bins supplied are only for use of General Waste (Household rubbish, garden waste, building waste, domestic waste, wood, plastic, cardboard, office waste, furniture, household appliances etc or Hardfill Waste (Bricks, rocks, concrete, soil, clay, sand, scoria, pebbles, stones, tarseal, asphalt, concrete roof tiles etc).
General waste and Hardfill Waste cannot be mixed in the same bin.
You must not place hazardous or prohibited items in our bins, for example: Liquids, paint, solvents, oils, chemicals, asbestos, fibrolite, tyres, polystyrene, expanded foam, hot ash, explosives or flammable waste.
Once placed by the driver, the bin must not be moved.
The bin must not be overloaded - please do not exceed the level of the highest side of the bin or we won't be able to remove it.




Save Money Skips will not be liable for any claim for damages, losses or expenses relating to the non delivery or late delivery of a bin.
Save Money Skips will not be liable for any damage done to driveways, overhead services or underground services such as cables and drainage.



Important Note:

If you do not agree with any of our terms and conditions then contact Save Money Skips immediately and do not use the bin/equipment if already supplied.


Non Payment of Skip Invoice:

Where a skip has been ordered and used then the person ordering the skip is Liable for the payment of the full amount of the skip and any associated Excess tip fess or in the case of late payment then they will be Liable for the late payment fees and any collection costs

Where the person ordering the skip is doing so for a company, partnership or other person then they are joint and severally liable for the above costs.

Where payment has not been made  and without limiting there options, Save Money Skips Limited may at their sole discretion deliver back to the property, the companies Address, the person who has ordered the skips address or the address of any director of the company an equilivent amount of waste.

Any cost involved in this are the responibleity of the person who ordered the skip.




Privacy and Data policy:

Your privacy is important to us. We will never reveal your information to anyone else without your permission.
On request Save Money Skips will happily modify or remove any information we securely hold on our system about you or your company.